Content Pager (Free Licence)

To celebrate our 6 years of bringing you great RapidWeaver plugins and stacks, Content Pager is now
free for the first 100 folks.

Just click the "Add To Cart" and then Checkout to get your free Content Pager licence.

Easily Create "Pages" Of Content

Content Pager is a great tool that allows you to create “pages” of content that can then be shown in one section of a web page.

This gives you great flexibility in terms of layout and a cleaner look, without compromising on the content that you want to deliver.

It is also a great way to catch the attention of your site visitors.

You can download Content Pager here for RapidWeaver 5 and here for RapidWeaver 6.

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  • Easy to use.
  • Customizable height and width.
  • Use the included backgrounds, combine a background image with a background color, or simply use your own image.
  • Presents information in an uncluttered space, making good use of screen real-estate.
  • Easily arrange the order of the pages using the plugin’s drag-and-drop.
  • Use your own navigation icons instead of the default Previous and Next page icons.
  • Auto move to the next page. You can set your own time interval, or turn it off.
  • Optionally pause the auto move when the user mouses over the Content Pager. When the mouse leaves, auto move resumes.
Content Pager requires Rapidweaver 4, 5 or 6, and Snow Leopard or Lion Mac OSX.
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