How To Set A Trigger or ID On Some Text (Or An Image)

Adding The Trigger

Let's assume you have some text or an image on the page. This piece of text or image is what you want users to be clicking on.

enter image description here

We will use text for this example, but the process is the same if you want to set an ID/Trigger on an image.

Select the text you want to use as the trigger. The trigger is what the users will click on to make the Responsive Lightbox show up. Remember that this can also be an image.

enter image description here

In the URL field, add a "#". Then click on the "+" button, and add a name called "id" and a unique value in the value field. This unique value cannot have spaces. In this example I'm using "watch_video" as the trigger.

enter image description here

Then click "Set Link".

In your Lightbox options, just enter the trigger name into the TriggerId field. In this case it's "watch_video".

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