Create Alerts In Seconds!

Alerts are useful to quickly grab the attention of your web site visitors.

You may have a sale going on, or maybe you have an announcement to make. Or perhaps you want to emphasize a call to action. With the Alert Them! stack, you can create attractive alerts that are hard to miss.

Features include:

  • - Displays on page load, or when a link is clicked.
  • - Choose between 11 positions for the alert to show.
  • - 5 different colors to choose from, or customize your own.
  • - Sticks around forever, or autocloses after a time interval of your choice.
  • - Customize the fonts for the alert messages.


Tigger On: Choose between displaying an alert automatically when the page loads, or when a link is clicked. If you want to display when a link is clicked, you'll get an input box to enter the ID of the link.

Position: Choose where the alert will show. There are 11 positions to choose from.

Alert Type: This changes the color of the alert. Choose from 5 different colors to choose from, or customize your own. If you choose "Custom", then the options for changing the background color and border options will appear.

Max Visible: This controls how many alerts can be shown in any one position. If you have multiple alerts on the same page set to show in the same position, set them all to the same value here. This will prevent too many alerts showing up in the same place, so as to reduce clutter.

Animation Speed: How long it takes for the alert's display animation to complete.

Autoclose Timeout: The time interval to show the alert before it closes itself. Set to 0 for it to stick around.

Close Other Alerts: If this is set to Yes, then showing this alert will close other alerts on the screen. Only applies if "Trigger On" is set to "Element Click".


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  • - Stacks 2 & 3

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