Sticky The Important Stuff

Often there are important elements that we'll like to stick on the page even when the page is scrolled down.

With the Sticky stack, you can now make sure that important stuff (like buttons) always stay visible on the page.

Please scroll down and see how the Add To Cart button sticks around.
I have specified that the stickied Add To Cart button have a slightly different offset from the right edge of the window, as compared to its original position.


To make something sticky on the page, there are 2 ways:

First Method

If the item already exists on the page, set a unique ID for the item by clicking its Add Link button, and add the unique ID for it:

Next, add this same ID inside Sticky stack's "Target ID" option. There is no need to prepend a "#" to the item ID.

Second Method

If the item doesn't yet exist, just drag a new stack into the Sticky stack. Whatever is inside will then be stickied. Works best with images.


Target ID: Enter the unique ID of the item that you want to be stickied.

Position From: This controls whether you want the stickied item to be closer to the top or the bottom of the window.

Vert. Offset: Enter the vertical offset here, in px.

Position From: This controls whether you want the stickied item to be closer to the left or the right of the window.

Hori. Offset: Enter the horizontal offset here, in px.

Z-index: In case other items on the screen are blocking, you can change the Z-index here.


Height: Please enter the height of this stack, in px. If your contents are longer than the height allows, the scrollbars will be displayed.

Horizontal: Check this to turn it into a horizontal scrollbar stack instead.

Enable Scroll Buttons: Check this to display the Up and Down icons in the scrollbar.

Theme: Choose between 6 subtly different themes.

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