Good-looking Tooltips On Computers and Mobile Devices

Tipster is a stack that lets you easily create good-looking tooltips on a web page. When the mouse hovers over some words, or if the words are tapped on a touch-screen, the tooltip is shown.

Tooltips help to place more information on your web pages without making your web pages look cluttered. They can also provide “hints”, or little nuggets of information to your visitors.

Mobile Devices Too

Tipster makes sure that your tooltips display nicely in both computers as well as mobile devices. It's responsive and can be configured to display either on hover or on a mouse click (or tap).

Special Feature

Tipster has a unique feature: it can be set to respond only once to click triggers.

Why Is This Useful?

Let's say you have a link that goes to another page, but you would like to attach a tooltip to this link so that when someone first clicks the link, a message is displayed without him leaving the page. Then when the link is clicked a second time, the tooltip won't show and the user is brought to the next page.

Applications for this include displaying marketing messages or explaining stuff to users.

You can place the tooltips to the left, right, top or bottom of the link text, and it will appear on that side as long as there is enough space there.

Tipsy comes with 5 themes. Hover your mouse over (or tap if you're using a mobile device) the following to view:

Demo Theme 1

Demo Theme 2

Demo Theme 3

Demo Theme 4

Demo Theme 5

You can set Tipster to display each time a link is clicked:

Click me to see a tooltip everytime.

You can set Tipster to only display once.

Subsequent clicks of the link will take you to another page, until this page is refreshed:

Click me and I will only show the tooltip once. Click me again and I'll bring to you another page.


  • Stacks 3
  • Rapidweaver 6, 7 or 8.

How To Use Tipster

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