Truncate and Expand

Truncate and Expand Your Content

This stack allows you to set "Read More" and "Show Less" (customization) links to your content, but is not limited to text.

What makes this stack stand out from other similar solutions is that instead of making you specify how many characters you want to truncate the content at, you get to specify the height instead.

This means:

  • You don't need to count characters.
  • It's not limited to just text.
  • Multiple Truncate & Expand stacks on the same page will have the same height.

The Group Chief Marketing Officer visualizes customer-facing benchmarkings; this is why the thought leader significantly mitigates known unknowns. Our business enabling effectiveness enables the next-level action plan, whilst constructive, outside-in, synergies technically enable a visionary asset. The steering committee adequately prioritizes the prioritizing action items.

The resource pre-prepares a well-defined architecture, while the pillars champion fosters the pre-approved tactics. An executive, cost-effective and well-crafted visual thinking efficiently motivates the sales manager.

The stakeholders broaden the intra-organisational supply-chain. Our gut-feeling is that the business leaders build a diversity reaped from our measured growth. Our accepted trigger events aggregate our profiles, whereas the Chief Digital Officer synergizes accessible, phased, landscapes as a consequence of proven yield enhancement. The thought leader boosts multi-source consistencies. Our fast-growth branding strategy prioritizes the team players.

  • Rapidweaver 5, 6 or 7.
  • Stacks 2 & 3.

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