What Are Keywords And Why Are They Important In SEO?

When you use a search engine, you type in a few words and hit Enter, and the search engine shows you a list of relevant web pages.

The words that you type into the search box are keywords, and they are important in SEO because they determine whether or not the search engines think your web pages are relevant enough to show.

So, if you want your web page to show up when someone searches for "how to train a puppy", then you need to optimize your web page for that particular search term. The search term, also known as search phrase or keywords, tells the search engine what you are looking for, and it searches its database for web pages that it has come across, for pages that it feels are relevant.

How does it know that a web page is relevant to particular keywords or search phrase?

This is where SEO comes in. A web page should, naturally, have relevant content. You can't have a web page selling dog pictures appear in "how to train a puppy" search results (unless you spend a lot of effort on it). Your web page should really have relevant content teaching people how to train puppies.

But SEO doesn't end there. Your web page also has to be optimized for it. For example, the page title should contain your targeted key phrase. You should also check your keyword density for the specific search phrase as well as for its synonyms.

On top of it, be sure to link to this web page somewhere else on your web site.

The SEO Stack is tremendously helpful in helping you check your keyword density and generating links to important pages.

If you are not sure what keywords relevant to your web site that people are searching for, you can use the Google Planner Tool.

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